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The internal factors affecting the longevity of shidao red

2019-12-06 17:42:04

Stone island red, stone island red no. 8 stone is a kind of high-grade decorative materials, but stone island red in the natural environment, dust, exhaust gas, acid rain, freezing and other pollutants, the stone used on the building is easy to cause fading, pollution and other damage, greatly reduce the decorative effect and service life of stone. But stone island red stone life reduction, also has the stone internal factors.

The structural structure of stone island red: there are micro cracks and capillary pores in the natural stone island red, long time will absorb fine dust and dirt in the air, due to the capillary action and slowly infiltrate into the stone internal, thereby greatly reducing the decorative performance and service life of stone. The smaller the pore, the stronger the capillarity and surface adsorption.

Relatively complex chemical composition: some components in stone island red are easy to interact with the external environment, causing erosion or variation in stone island red. Stone island red generally contains iron in varying degrees, the erosion of moisture will produce rust yellow. The higher the iron content in stone, the more easily rust yellow.

Although shidao red, shidao red stone 8 compounds of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is relatively stable, but some of the chemical properties of the alkaline oxide is not stable, in the humid environment, easy and acidic oxides such as carbon dioxide in the air, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, nitrogen oxide and other chemical reactions and change the shidao red internal physical structure.


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