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    Maintenance cycle of amethyst diamond stone

    2019-12-06 17:37:53

    As a kind of high-grade building decoration material, amethyst drill should be maintained according to the fixed maintenance cycle. Because the amethyst drill, once used, it is natural to go through a natural life cycle, the development of an amethyst drill maintenance plan should consider the development of accurate amethyst maintenance cycle, hardness and water absorption of stone is the main factors to set the maintenance cycle of amethyst drill.

    The following factors will determine which chemicals, MATS, brushes, and equipment are necessary for the maintenance of the amethyst. The maintenance cycle of amethyst diamond consists of three parts:

    One. Preventive maintenance, protect the amethyst diamond interior with high permeability sealant.

    Two, maintenance, with a fiber mop to clean the dust - will mop clean - mop with wet mop, or automatic scrubbing - with epoxy resin or glue to clean potholes and cracks.

    Three. Repair, repair the stone surface with diamond grinding tools. Such as eliminating scratches, eliminating wear - deep clean fire surface, or ground floor fine holes.


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