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    Identification method of amethyst diamond stone

    2019-12-06 17:36:28

    The choose and buy

    For finished finished finishing amethyst diamond, its quality can be identified from the following four aspects:

    One view is to visually observe the surface structure of the amethyst. Generally speaking, uniform fine material structure of amethyst drill has a fine texture, for the quality of stone; The appearance of amethyst with coarse grain and unequal grain structure is poor. In addition, due to the influence of geological processes, amethyst drill often produces some fine cracks, amethyst drill is most likely to break along these parts, should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of edges and corners is beautiful, the choice should pay attention to.

    Two quantities, namely the size of amethyst drill, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the splicing after the design, pattern, line deformation, affect the decorative effect.

    Three listen, namely the knock sound that listens to stone material. Generally speaking, stone material of good quality its knock sound is crisp and pleasing to the ear; On the contrary, if the stone material interior exists slight crack or because of the weathering causes the grain between the contact to become loose, knock sound rough.

    Four try, with simple test method to test the quality of stone. Usually on the back of the stone drop on a small piece of ink, such as the ink quickly four measures dispersed leaching, that is, the amethyst internal particles loose or there is a gap, amethyst quality is not good; On the other hand, if the ink drops stay in place, the amethyst diamond quality.


    1. Amethyst drill has radioactive certificate, please ask the dealer for it when you buy it. Do not buy without card, want to notice at the same time, what home outfit should choose is A kind of product.

    2, in the choice of marble and granite, to first consider the marble, under normal circumstances, the radioactivity of granite is greater than the radioactivity of marble.

    3. Generally speaking, amethyst diamond should be considered as black, grayish white, red meat, green, red, from the perspective of radioactivity, from high to low, in order: red > green > meat red > grayish white > white > black, basically this sort.


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