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When paving stone island red matters needing attention

2019-12-06 17:35:25

First of all, shidao red should read the instructions on the packing boxes carefully before paving.

Second, stone island red paving should be left seam shop paste.

Third, stone island red pavement before the first clean stone surface, such as clean and dry with a brush or roller on the form of the opposite, the front and four facades of the stone brush two water-soluble impermeable agent. In order to obtain the effect, should make after thoroughly permeate the substrate brush again the second time. Finish seepage-proof treatment at least 24 hours before paving.

Fourthly, due to the special texture of shidao red, the construction site should be kept clean to avoid the pollution of the surface by cement mortar or colored substances.

Fifth, stone island red is pure natural stone, natural texture, color difference is a normal phenomenon. Stone Mosaic USES manual processing craft to make, the natural error exists between grain consequently, and the gap between grain also exists natural error, but do not affect construction.

Sixth, in order to strengthen the adhesion of the fastness and anti - pollution, it is recommended to use adhesive shop.

Seventh, after the completion of the stone to find wax maintenance.

Eighth, when daily cleaning, do not use acidic cleaner or powder alkaline cleaner to clean stone.

The above is the introduction of red paving stone island matters needing attention, I hope you have an understanding of it.


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