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Mine equipment r & d manufacturing center

Gao shi stone mining machinery factory -- has come all the way from its own mine 30 years of development in actual combat, so more professional, more practical, more perfect.

Gaoshi stone mining machinery factory belongs to gaoshi stone group, which is a mining equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. Relying on the favorable conditions of the group's own mines, with more than 20 years of rich mining experience, has developed ten series of more than 40 products, its leading products are: steam drilling rig, hydraulic drilling rig, hydraulic top splitting machine, mining rope saw, plate saw, crane, hydraulic drilling car, diamond products, mining circular saw, flame machine. The products include the special machinery and equipment necessary for the current stone mining process, and have been granted 11 national patents by the state intellectual property office. Thus, the mining machinery in the industry to ensure that the fierce competition always with the first-class quality of the tide.

Since entering the market, the products have covered more than 20 provinces and cities and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to Russia, Australia, India, north Korea and other countries and regions. Gaos machinery not only has advanced manufacturing technology and operation experience, but also has a forward-looking understanding of stone mining and market trends. And creatively put forward the "stone cold process mining technology, is widely applied in most domestic mines and the promotion, not only replace completely the traditional" fire workers mining ", and to improve the material ratio of mine resources, reduce the mining cost, protecting mine environment, increase the safety production control play a big role.

Gaos machinery has always been adhering to the "hard work, innovation, efficiency, pragmatic" spirit of enterprise, quality to win credibility, to build the brand strength. Gaishi machinery solemnly promises: in addition to providing excellent stone mining equipment for the majority of users and partners, the company can also help to plan mining programs, training cold mining technology, so that users in the shortest time, to create greater economic benefits, achieve mutual benefit and win-win.





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