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Company introduction

Rongcheng zhonglei technology development co., ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise invested and established by Hong Kong gaishi group in weihai area in 1998. After more than 20 years of operation and development, it has grown into a high-tech enterprise with two major industries of stone mining, processing and equipment manufacturing. It has 1200 employees, more than 200 professional and technical talents, and its registered capital is usd 24.05 million. It has ten new modern green mines such as shidao red, royal pearl, royal brown diamond, royal brown, amethyst diamond, pink rose, chengde green and so on. Two modern and environmentally friendly and efficient processing bases, equipped with a full set of world advanced stone mining and processing and production equipment, for more than 70 countries and regions to provide quality stone products; With a mining technology, equipment r & d and manufacturing center, independent research and development of new stone mining technology and equipment, completely eliminate backward coal mining, complete mechanized sawing mining, so that mining really achieve safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, resource utilization of the green mining mode. The main products include: diamond beaded rope products series, mining circular saw blade system series, mining rope saw machine series, mining circular saw machine series, hydraulic drilling car series, hydraulic top splitting machine series, mast crane series, wheel fork machine series, a total of 8 series more than 30 products.

With the improving of the national requirements for environmental protection, on the basis of stone mining machinery manufacturing, creative developed container cargo handling machinery, take the lead in realizing the bulk container loading and unloading of the green, environmental protection, safe and efficient disruptive change, for the container shipment of grain, coal, coke, metal ores, such as bulk provides the ideal building aggregate, the highly effective reliable guarantee. At present, it has been widely used in container bulk shipping, railway transportation and road transportation logistics.

Date, rongcheng lei has obtained in 48 of the state intellectual property office granted patents, of which six invention patents, got the title of "high-tech enterprises in shandong province" in 2017, has now become a set of domestic important facing stone mining machinery manufacturers and container cargo handling machinery manufacturers, and become the leading industry in the development of leading enterprises.





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